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The new building of the Szczecin Philharmonic is an exceptional facility of international format.

The authors of this inventive architectural project – Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga from the Spanish studio Estudio Barozzi Veiga, won the international competition for the concept design of the new facility for Szczecin Philharmonic’s musicians. Their design won against 40 other designs provided for the competition. The inspiration for its design was the organ.

The new seat of the Szczecin Philharmonic was erected at the junction of two streets, Małopolska and Matejki, at the plot where 130 years ago the Concert House (Konzerthaus) commenced its activity. From 1884 it served as the city's musical center. The building was severely damaged during warfare, and in 1962 it was finally pulled down.

The climate and atmosphere of the interior are an undeniable asset of the new facility. The structure is expressive and consistent with minimalistic use of means of expression. Outside facade of the new Philharmonic in Szczecin is formed with white glass and vertically arranged rectangular aluminum profiles, discontinued only in the place of scarce window and door openings. The authors designed a two-layer facade of the building, in which 25 thousand LED light fittings are hidden. Effects of this may be admired especially at night, when the building glows with a subtle light. Architects have also planned colorful illumination of the building's facade that enables creation of various light scenarios, used for special events and occasions.
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