As a reminder, the deadline for submitting videos with the required music material is June 30, 23:59 o’clock. Don't miss this date. Films submitted after this deadline will not be taken into account during recruitment, which means that you will not be accepted into ILYO. We explain below how to send us videos effectively.
Remember that recruitment to ILYO begins with completing the recruitment form, available in the menu on our website. If you haven't done it yet, don't wait any further, do it straight ahead. Those of you, and you are very many, who have already passed this step, can move on immediately to the next, this is:

1. Click on "Scores" in the menu of our website. Download the required material in a convenient form of pdf files. Remember: only fragments marked in color are required for your recording, not the whole piece.

2. Once your video(s) is ready, upload it as private on YouTube.

3. Then, using the "Send your videos" form, send us the link or links to the material you recorded. You can send us minimum 1 and maximum 3 videos. To add another video in the form, click the "+" icon in the form.

4. Submit your recordings by June 30.

And that's all. Don’t forget to:
  • introduce yourself at the beginning of the recording
  • position the phone / computer / camera etc. so that your silhouette is visible
  • try to record your video(s) in a quiet place

If you need more practical tips, watch our short video guide prepared by Mateusz Żurawski – the Official Ambassador of ILYO:

22-06-2022, 15:20:37
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